• Emin ALICI
  • Haluk BERK
  • Mustafa ÖZKAN

J Turk Spinal Surg 1994;5(1):7-8

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has been used by thoracic surgeons since 1991 to resect pul-manoıy lesions. As far as we know VATS has not been commonly used forspinal deformities. İn this study we de-scribe the application of using video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) to release the discs for rigid scoliosis and Schuermann kyphosis, thoracic vertebral corpectomies for spinal fractures, dranaige of the thoracal abscess.

5 patients vvere treated with VATS surgery. 3 patients that two had rigid right thoracic scoliosis and 1 had Schuermann kyphosis vvere undervvent thoracoscopic surgery and anterior disc release vvere done. Another pa-tient that had spinal tuberculosis at thoracic 7-8-9 level and paravertebral abscess formation vvas operated and drainage of the abcess vvere done by using VATS. The last patient vvith thoracal 7-8 burst fracture vvere operated and thoracic corpectomy vvas applied.

İn many vvays VATS is superior to Standard thoracotomy, a small thoracotomy insicion is needed. This tec-nique reduces operative morbidity, hospilization time. More vvork is needed especially in the design of instrumen-tation, application of the 'Instruments.

Keywords: Thoracoscopic resection, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery.