• İ. ÇETİN
  • M. DOĞAN
  • H. KINIK

J Turk Spinal Surg 1992;3(1):28-31

Betvveen November 1989 and December 1993; we have surgically treated 473 patients with scoliosis. Seventy-six patients with idiopathic scoliosis among them were treated by posterior COTREL DUBOUSSET (44 Patients) or ISOLA (32 Patients) instrumentation and fusion.

İn the evaluation of the patients; age, sex, King classification, sagittal and frontal plane Cobb angle measure-ments, rotational status-which were assessed with Pedriolle method-, the operative time and correction were docu-mented. İn the follow-up period, both systemic and technical complications -il any- were searched.

Fiftysix of our patients were female and 20 were maie. Their ages were betvveen 8 and 34 (Mean: 15.05 years) at the operation time. The mean follow-up is 36.3 months (Ragne: 21-62 months) for patients treated with CD instrumentation and 14.9 months (Range: 3-21 months) for the ISOLA group. We achieved %47.00 mean correction in the CD group and %50.00 in the ISOLA group in the frontal plane. The correction in sagittal plane among the hypo-kyphotic patients was %28.64 in CD and %69.6 in ISOLA groups. İn the normokyphotic patients the difference in ky-phosis was %0 in CD group and %8.5 in ISOLA group. İn hyperkyphotic patients we have %35.91 correction in CD group and %33.40 in ISOLA group. İn the axialplane, the amount of correction measured by Pedriolle method was %22.94 in CD and %14.50 in ISOLA patients. İn this study we discuss and compare the mid-term results of these patients.

Keywords: İdiopathic Scoliosis, Cotrel-Dubousset İnstrumentation, Isola İnstrumentation, Surgical Treatment.