ÂPPROÂCH to vertebral frâctures due to osteoporosis

  • Âbdülkadir AKBAŞ
  • Şevki ÖNER ŞAVK
  • Mehmet TURGUT

J Turk Spinal Surg 1997;8(1):1-4

Osteoporosis which İs characterized by a decrease İn bone mass, is a common disease ofthe elderiy. Primary osteoporosis type I which effects trabecular bone, increases the risk of vertebral frâctures. Although standart ther-apy for such frâctures İs conservative, in case of bigh risk of neurological compiication, surgical intervention via anterior or posterior approach is necessary. Along with fracture îreatment measures to prevent bone loss and in-crease bone mass should be taken. The best way for İndivİduals to prevent osteoporosis is to take caicium and vitamin D and to engage İn weight bearing exercise. Women should consider taking estrogen after menopause. Bi-phosphonate or caisitonin are recommended for patients with significant bone ioss. A late compiication of osteoporotic vertebral frâctures İs kyphosis.

Keywords: Osteoporosis, vertebral frâctures.