• Kemal YÜCESOY
  • Berkant ATAY
  • Tansu MERTOL

J Turk Spinal Surg 1998;9(1):31-35

In this article, a pseudomeningocele, which was diagnosed during the radiological work of a male 63 year old patient who had undergone multiple operations for lumbar disc disease and postoperative fibrosis, is presented as a case report. İn our patient, the pseudomeningocele is formed by an expanding dural sac and contents with an intact arachnoid membrane, which is forced to bulge posteriorly by the putsatile force of the CSF. The patient is operated basically for the associated lumbar spinai pathologies while the psedomeningocele cyst is reduced by longitudinaly placed sutures.

This topic is discussed along previous literatüre.

Keywords: Pseudomeningocele, lumbar spine surgery