Case Report


  • Serdar KAHRAMAN
  • Sait ŞİRİN
  • Ferhat HARMAN
  • Ersin ERDOĞAN

J Turk Spinal Surg 2009;20(1):53-58

Intradural lumbar disc herniations are unusual clinical pictures. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the incidence, clinical presentation, imaging and surgical management of intradural lumbar disc herniation. We present the cases of intraradicular herniated lumbar disc and intradural herniated lumbar disc as a special part of degenerative disc diseases. Since no extradural extruded disc fragment observed, intradural exploration must added to routine approach. All patients completely recovered after the surgery. Although preoperative imaging studies may not help us in the diagnosis of lumbar intradural disc herniation, the rare condition of intradural penetration of extruded disc should be kept in mind to explore the intradural compartment.

Keywords: Intradural, Intraradicular, Lumbar disc herniation