Frontiers of The Spinal Surgery


  • İ. Teoman BENLİ

J Turk Spinal Surg 2009;20(4):77-82

Prof. Emin Alıcı, M.D., founder of the Turkish Spinal Surgery Society and Editor-in Chief of The Journal of Turkish Spinal Surgery (JTSS) is one of the surgeons who contributed efforts for development of spinal surgery in Turkey. He has extensive knowledge especially about spinal tuberculosis in addition to Turkish spinal surgery fields, and he is well-known in Turkey about this topic. He developed his instrumentation systems for scoliosis and other spinal deformities that are known with his name, and used for large areas in country-wide. He had efforts for education of lots of spinal surgeons in our country, and he organized lots of national and international spinal surgery congress and courses, had many articles and published a book about spinal surgery. As a conclusion, Prof. Emin Alıcı is one of the pioneers of the physicians who gave efforts for development of Turkish spinal surgery which was in attempting period for long years, but had an old history. These efforts gave advantages for presentation of Turkish spinal surgery at World-wide spinal surgery communities.

Keywords: Emin Alıcı, Alıcı spinal instrumentation, Turkish Spine Society, JTSS